So. Over the course of Easter 2024, I had been busy doing my assessments which are due Thursday April 18th. And because of this, I had no time for ANYTHING. Not even eating or sleeping (I actually stayed up till 3am some nights). Let alone checking my website.

And today (April 9th 2024) when I so happen to click on my website I find that the idiotic Porkbun administrators have taken it down without my knowledge. Reason – because they wanted me to upgrade by end of first week April – and I didn’t do so because I wasn’t able to due to these stupid assessments (which I must do because they will ultimately guarantee me my future).

And because of this reason, for the past almost three hours I have spent rebuilding this goddamn website and putting everything back into place. Valuable three hours which I could have spent working on my written submission. >:(

Anyways, thank God, it’s all working out fine now as I can see from my end. Now we have a new look on our website. Hope everyone is all right with this. I will post a bit more soon concerning our upcoming plan for our UK Cathedral Tour later this year.