New music channel + cathedral tour updates

As of June 2024, The Young Series is now known as MYX UK. Specially dedicated to promoting middle-of-the-road music here in the UK, MYX UK offers a 24/7 lineup of music videos that have mostly long since been forgotten to time, of which 75% of them are middle-of-the-road. View the MYX UK official page here:

Our UK Cathedral Tour arrangements are going according to plan so far. We plan to kick off the Cathedral Tour in Bath Abbey in September of 2024. A total of 24 cathedrals in the mainland UK have been selected (including the aforementioned Bath Abbey) as destinations for our Cathedral Tour. As usual, the Cathedral Tour will focus on the topic of middle-of-the-road music and how to revive it in the present-day UK.

More updates to come soon.